A combination of different approaches powered by AI

easiness of visual recording & sophistication of coding that increase speed and productivity

Use Cases


TrueAutomation AI-based ecosystem dramatically speeds up tests creation by removing time-hungry steps from your workflow


TrueAutomation Smart locators don't rely on IDs, xPathes, etc. This allows to automate testing of web projects on pretty much any technology


TrueAutomation powers your Selenium-based tests with AI to find proper elements even when page is has changed dramatically

Up to 10X FASTER test preparation stage

TrueAutomation.IO gives you the flexibility of a regular Selenium-based testing and minimizes routine in your workflow with Element Picker

TA Element Picker Chrome extension allows you to create AI-based reliable Smart locators with a simple click. This gives you a couple of advantages:

  • no need to inspect a single element in order to get an ID or build an xPath
  • no need to switch between browser and IDE screens back and forth
  • automatically generated Smart locators can get easy human readable names if you follow the naming pattern

Now every time  you have a new test case to cover – simply click through elements that participate, give them names and add them to your test code.

Cover Tough

TrueAutomation Smart locators do not rely on classic IDs, xPathes or CSS selectors. This allows to cover pretty much any technology with tests

Some technologies generate class names, IDs on the go or after each deploy, which makes it hard or nearly impossible to cover projects, written on them with stable and reliable automatic tests. 

TrueAutomation supercharges regular Selenium-testing with AI-based Smart locators that do not rely on classic ways of finding and element and thus broaden your horizons. Now you can easily automate tests for projects on:

  • ReactJS
  • jQuery UI
  • Yahoo! UI
  • SharePoint
  • Dojo Toolkit
  • Google Web Toolkit
  • Sencha Ext JS
  • Sencha GXT (formerly Ext GWT)
  • Sencha Touch
  • JavaServer Faces (ICEfaces, RichFaces and others)
  • Vaadin

Minimize Tests Maintenance

Tests maintenance is the most boring and the least productive part of any automation project. With TrueAutomation it is not a problem

TrueAutomation relies on AI-based Smart locators and adds a pitch of visual recording approach to classic Selenium-based testing automation.

This allows to dramatically minimize the need to maintain and in cases, when maintenance is still needed, it takes you seconds, not minutes.

TA Smart locators do not break after each deployment as they do not rely on classic IDs, xPathes, etc. This means that even in cases, when the page has been changed dramatically, the elements are still found. Now any test you write becomes heavy-duty and reliable.

In rare cases, when the element can not be found, TA Element Picker will update its Smart locator in 1 click. 

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