TrueAutomation: AI-powered & Selenium-friendly

Leverage pros of Selenium-based ecosystem and eliminate cons that come with it

How it works

TrueAutomation uses advanced AI algorithms to inspect element, parse the whole DOM tree, collect a set of attributes that ‘describe’ the element. Based on that information we automatically generate a TA Smart-locator that is reliable, gives your tests stability and minimizes maintenance time. 

1. Inspect

TrueAutomation parses and inspects the whole DOM tree, CSS tables in order to build a 'map' of the web page where the particular element is located and figure out all the dependencies

2. Collect

Using the built 'map' of the web page, a set of attributes is collected for a particular element. Each of the attributes and their combination will allow us to find a particular element in future

3. Generate

Based on collected attributes a unique TA Smart locator is automatically generated. It brings reliability to your tests and allows to dramatically minimize maintenance

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Faster elements inspection and test preparation stage

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Of time is  saved due to minimized maintenance

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Of elements are found even in tough cases

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Compatibility with existing Selenium-based ecosystem

Supercharging web testing automation

AI algorithms + TA Element Picker + Selenium ecosystem combine best aspects of visual recording & coding test approaches and give you both flexibility and efficiency in your day-to-day tasks

Meet the platform

TrueAutomation Cloud Account

Create an account with That’s where your projects, project users,  TA Smart locators and element screenshots are kept. 

TrueAutomation Client

Install TrueAutomation Client to start writing tests. It easily integrates into existing Selenium-based setup. There are separate versions for Win/MacOS/Unix-like systems. Use any IDE you prefer

TrueAutomation Element Picker

Use TrueAutomation Chrome plugin to click on the element and automatically get a TA Smart locator, use it in your tests.

Maintain broken locators (which will hardly ever happen) with one click.

Click through your test cases to add all participating elements and use them later in your test code.

What's Supported right Now

This is a list of currently supported stuff, it’s expanding…

Operating Systems

- Microsoft Windows
- Mac OS
- Unix-like systems


Any browser that is compatible with Remote Webdriver. Check here for the full list.

Browser Plugin

Right now TrueAutomation Element Picker plugin is available for Chrome browser


- Java
- Ruby
- JavaScript


- Capybara
- WebDriverIO


- Selenium GRID
- Appium
- Sauce Labs

We do support all the functionality of Selenium-based ecosystem

TrueAutomation product development is 100% customer-centric. Let us know, what we should add.