True automation of web testing

Faster tests creation and in times less maintenance.

Concentrate on the product you test, not on testing itself

Install Environment

The process is as simple as following the hints of the console app

Write Tests

No need to learn new languages or tools. Just write tests as you did before.

Run Tests

Run tests as you usually do and spend dramatically less time on tests maintenance.

Ship Better Products Faster

Less maintenance. Shorter full-run cycles. More time for new tests.

* we hope you won’t miss tests maintenance after each release

True Automation Reduces Tests Maintenance in times

Attribute 1 Attribute 7 Attribute 6 Attribute 2 Attribute 3 Attribute 4 Attribute 5

This is how we do it:

  1. We parse the whole web application;
  2. We collect ALL parameters and attributes possible (e.g. class names, IDs, etc.);
  3. We match them with the elements;
  4. You write tests using TA;
  5. You run tests and they pass;
  6. Then the new build goes to production;

We are identifying a unique footprint of an element and even if the whole page is changed, the test is still working and can run.

As a result:

  • In times less broken tests
  • At least 40% less work spent on test maintenance
  • More time to cover new functionality with tests
  • Shipping better products faster

A quick demo video of TrueAutomation:

  • how it works;
  • how to use TrueAutomation in existing projects on Selenium;
  • collaboration and objects repository;
  • what’s in the pipeline;

What’s in the pipeline?

Visual Recorder

Click, record & export tests into Java, Ruby projects. TA Smart locators.

IDE Integration

Generation of TA locators from IDE using embedded browser.

Browser Support

Support of Firefox and different versions of Chrome browser.

Mobile Support

Appium support. Wizard to configure and integrate it into projects.

Wanna try?