Testing Automation

powered by  AI

Write tests in times faster. Maintain them in times less and never inspect elements again.

SUPERCHARGING Testing automation teams

Write tests faster

TrueAutomation AI-based ecosystem dramatically speeds up tests creation by removing time-hungry steps from your workflow

Cover More Technologies

TrueAutomation Smart locators don't rely on IDs, xPathes, etc. This allows to automate testing of web projects on pretty much any technology

Minimize Maintenance

TrueAutomation powers your Selenium-based tests with AI to find proper elements even when page is has changed dramatically

At some projects...

ONE testing automation engineer spends up to 40% of time on maintenance of broken locators. On average that is:

Hours a day
hours a week
Hours a month
Hours a year
HowTrueAutomation works
1. Integrate

TrueAutomation desktop client perfectly fits into your Selenium-based ecosystem. It adds AI-power to both existing and new tests 

2. Inspect & Generate

TrueAutomation Element picker browser plugin inspects element, collects multiple attributes, generates Smart locator and adds it to your TrueAutomation account

3. Substitute

Use Smart locators instead of regular Selenium locators in your test code. Smart locators related to the project are available to you right in IDE. Use autocomplete to add them

4. Run & Find

Now your Selenium-based ecosystem uses Smart locators to find proper elements. They are found even when page was changed dramatically

Getting started with your Trueautomation.io tests

01. Sign up for TrueAutomation.IO account

That’s where your users, projects and AI-based locators are located.

02. Install TrueAutomation.IO client

There are separate installers for Win, Mac OS, Unix-like systems. We currently support Webdriver.IO, Capybara, Java. Follow the instructions  to setup everything properly

03. Install Element Picker Chrome Plugin

It’s a Chrome plugin by TrueAutomation, that takes the pain out of inspecting elements, creating locators and  adding them to your test code in IDE

04. Write tests faster. Maintain them less

Use familiar Selenium-based environment and a preferred programming language for writing and running tests. Write them much faster

Would like to dive into details?

We are offering dedicated screen sharing sessions with our engineers